I have had the extreme pleasure of seeing Reid Soria perform on several occasions.  His beautiful voice coupled with his charismatic showmanship thrilled me every time!  He truly knows how to put on a show!  I highly recommend him for your event!  Get ready for a grand performance! 

Anita Lesko,  BSN, RN, MS, CRNA
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist,
Award-Winning Author,
International Autism Activist,
United Nations Guest Speaker

Reid Soria and Autism Sings are amazing! Reid brings consistent professionalism to every performance and ‘wows’ his audiences over and over again! As CEO of Autism Pensacola, I was always thrilled to hear Reid preform at one of our events or local sports events. Several times audience members would contact me to request Reid at their event. And when you add Reid’s story to the mix, you’ve got an unbeatable combination!! We love Reid!!

Susan Byram
Founding CEO
Autism Pensacola

As the Florida Statewide Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (CARD) annual conference planner I can only say positive things about working with Reid. The CARD centers have used him twice in the last couple of years and each time he has done an amazing job. Bringing him to our event always adds a touch of magic.  He has an innate ability to work the crowd and before you know it he has everyone up on their feet clapping, singing and dancing. Most important, (for me) as a planner and organizer, he leaves everyone with a smile upon their face. That is magical!     

 Judee Samuels, Florida CARD

 It has been my pleasure to work with Reid Soria, a very talented and dedicated young man whose stunning voice charms and amazes everyone who is lucky (enough) to hear him perform. And what a performer he is!  His boundless energy and dedication to his art is truly remarkable and admired far and wide.  I have worked and directed Reid in 6 musicals over the past several years, and he is the consummate performer--always prepared, open to suggestions and stage direction, and always welcomed to the stage as a great team member. I am especially grateful to Reid for his contributions not only to the arts but also for the voice he lends to the broader community and the positive role model he has become to so many. With Reid in your midst, you soon come to know that with hard work, lots of talent, surrounded by a circle of love and support, and a dream--all things are possible! Just ask Reid!

                              Carol Culton, Ph.D., retired music therapist and Performing Arts Coordinator, Pyramid, Inc., Pensacola, Florida

"Reid! You're amazing buddy. You're amazing"       Tony Dovolani, of Dancing with the Stars fame

     I cannot adequately express my gratitude for Reid performing these past few years for The Village Belles show, "Salute to the Troops".  What a perfect addition he has been.  His rendition of "American Trilogy" brings people to their feet every night...and of course he is the perfect "Bugle Boy"! His performance as someone with Autism is just outstanding.  I also love that he is so versatile with his song selections which makes him perfect for almost any venue, which is unusual to find in a performer.  He is simply a joy to work with and always remains truly professional.  I commend you and Rick for all you do to keep him moving forward with his talent.  Thank you again for sharing his life, his story and his love with all of us!

Caroline Majure
Dreamcatcher Vocal Performance Studio
The DeJaVu Tribute Band
Village Belles Military Tribute Show
The Memphis Echos Elvis Tribute Band
770 330-6964

It has been my pleasure to know and love Reid Soria for the past 10 years.  In my position as President of a local Autism Society I booked Reid to sing at several fundraising events.  Reid never disappoints!  His fabulous Road Crew takes care of every little detail no matter how small.  They are some of the most  professional and reliable people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  One meeting with the Sorias and you will be forever captivated. There is no limit to what our young adults with special needs can accomplish with love and support.  Book Reid and you won’t be disappointed.  When words fail, Autism Sings. 

Myra Fowler - former President Autism Society of the Emerald Coast