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In early August, Reid's Bowling team finished in second place at the NW Florida Area I Special Olympics Bowling Tournament in Pensacola, FL

Reid rocking out the main stage at the  Annual Beauregard Parish Fair in DeRidder, LA. Great show and great Fair!  SHOUT OUTs to Nelly and Dylan of FRONT PORCH PICK'N for their personal attention and for providing the the sound. And thank you Ms. Allen for asking Reid to come back for the October, 2022 edition of the Fair. See you there.

Reid with Will Withers of Old River Jelly. Will gifted Reid some Mayhaw jelly after his performance. Really great jelly!!

The 96th Test Wing (Eglin AFB, FL) Vice Commander Colonel Joseph Augustine with Reid (helicopter enthusiast) during a helicopter tour at Duke Field, FL. An experienced  helicopter test pilot, the colonel graciously  guided Reid on a tour of several helicopters. The tour only served to increase Reid's fondness for the MH-139 Grey Wolf (shown pictured). Thank you Colonel Augustine for your service and for the tour and Ms. Celeste Washington for the tour arrangements.

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For recording artist, actor, and performer Reid Soria, Autism Sings is the culmination of years spent overcoming the odds.  Diagnosed with autism at the age of 3, Reid was never expected to be able to communicate or connect with the world around him.  Now an adult, Reid has channeled his talents and sheer grit into an unprecedented story of hope.  And in finding his own voice, Reid has found a new voice for autism and is communicating and connecting beyond what was once considered possible.  Follow the story and become a part of the dream.        When words fail, Autism Sings!

--Autism Sings, 2014--

Reid on stage at the Annual Autism Festival in Forsyth, GA. Thank you to  Executive Director Carrie Owen and Mr. and Mrs Harbin (founders) for inviting Reid the past few years and for inviting him back in 2023. Thanks, Ed for the great sounds. The Reid Mobile II can be seen in the background.

Reid at work on the main stage of the Starks Mayhaw Festival in Starks, LA. What a great time! Thank you Ms. Borel for inviting Reid and thank you SPC Casey for your gift and hospitality.

Reid recently began a college culinary program at the Okaloosa Technical College. Picture left is Reid with chef Hencinski deep frying spring rolls. Photo right, Reid and the chef working on knife skills.

Reid and (big fan) Florida District 1  US Congressman Matt Gaetz pose after Reid's performance of the National Anthem at the city Memorial Day Ceremony, Beal Cemetery.

Reid sings God Bless the USA at the 20th Anniversary Commemoration of  9/11 event organized by the Fort Walton Beach Police Department.

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Under the Gazebo for the 49th Annual Old Fashioned Square Gathering at Ozark, AR. What a great time and great folks.  Special SHOUT OUT to Robbin Roble for taking care of the music and sounds. Also would like to thank the Ozark Mainstreet team for inviting Reid to return for 2022


Reid has a very busy schedule!

He has  regular recurring weekly rehearsals for upcoming performances and musicals.

Confirmed 2022 performance schedule below.

See PRESS KIT tab (top of page) for numerous previous Engagements / Bookings.



27th - 41st Cherry Blossom Festival, 11:15 AM, Conyers, GA

28th - Static Helicopter tour, 1 PM, Duke Field, FL


2nd - AMVETS Poker Run After-Party , 3:30 PM, Valparaiso, FL

9th - River City Fest, 3 PM, Main River Stage, Logansport, LA

15th - Fred Astaire Studios Spring Showcase, 7 PM, Civic Center, Fort Walton Beach, FL

30th - Annual Anchor of Hope Awareness Festival, 11 AM, Forsyth, GA


7th - The South Arkansas  Preservation Society Mayhaw Festival, 11 AM, El Dorado, AR

13th - Relay For Life of the Emerald Coast,6: 30PM, Mullet Festival Grounds, Niceville FL

15th - Dreamcatchers Vocal Studios "Anything Goes" Show, 3 PM, Shoreline Church, Destin FL

20th -  Starks Mayhaw Festival, 5 PM,Highway 12 and Highway 109, Starks, LA

27- 28th -  Family Cafe 2022, Two performances, Friday 27 May - 11 AM / Saturday 28 May - 2:30 PM, Hyatt Regency Orlando, FL

29th - Memorial Day Celebration, 6:45 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

30th - City Memorial  Day Ceremony, TBD, Beal Cemetery, Fort Walton Beach, FL


2nd - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

9th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

16th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

23rd - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

30th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL


7th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

14th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

21st - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

28th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL


4th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village Main Stage, Destin, FL

6th - National Anthem, Florida Area I Special Olympics Bowling Tournament, 10 AM, Pensacola, FL

11th - All American Thursdays, 6:30 PM, Harborwalk Village, Destin, FL (weather cancelled)


21st - Dreamcatcher's Vocal Studios Disney Show, 3 PM, Shoreline Church, Destin, FL

24th - Pyramid Inc.'s musical Production ofAnnie Junior, TBD, Civic Auditorium, Fort Walton Beach, FL

26th - DeKalb County VFW Fair, 7 PM, Fort Payne, AL

30th - Hahira Honeybee FestivalFish Fry, 4 PM, Train Depot, Hahira, GA


1st - Hahira Honeybee Festival Parade, 12 noon, Hahira, GA

7th - 93rd Beauregard Parish Fair, 5 PM, DeRidder, LA

8th - 50th Old Fashioned Square Gathering, 1 PM, Ozark, AR


11th - City Veteran's  Day Ceremony, 11 AM, Beal Memorial Cemetery, Fort Walton Beach, FL

11th - Veteran's Day Celebration, 4 PM, Harborwalk Main Stage, Destin. FL

19th - Logansport Christmas Festival, 12:30 PM, Logansport, LA


17th - Wreaths Across America, 9 AM, Beal Memorial Cemetery, Fort Walton Beach, FL


TBD - (Tentative) 42nd Cherry Blossom Festival, TBD, Conyers, GA

TBD - AMVETS Poker Run After-Party , 3:30 PM, Valparaiso, FL

TBD - River City Fest, TBD, Logansport, LA

29th - Annual Anchor of Hope Awareness Festival, TBD, Day Spring Presbyterian Church, Forsyth, GA


6th - The South Arkansas  Preservation Society's 31st Annual Mayhaw Festival, 11AM, El Dorado, AR


9th - (Tentative) Omega Pepper Festival, TBD, Omega, GA

25th - (Tentative) DeKalb County VFW Fair, TBD, Fort Payne, AL

29th - (Tentative) Hahira Honeybee Festival Fish Fry, TBD, Train Depot, Hahira, GA

Singing for the City"s "Wreaths Across America" ceremony at Beal Cemetery, Fort Walton Beach.

Reid sang the National Anthem after the posting of the colors. Starks is a very patriotic community and appreciates our veteran's.

Reid with Jonathan from Pinky's Shave Ice. Really super great shave ice !! Hope Jonathan is back next year.

Reid performed two   setsat the 2022 River City Fest, Logansport, LA.  Lots of good folks, vendors, and friends came out to the event.  Thank you Kathi Wells, River City Fest Committee,for inviting Reid to perform at this year's Fest. It was great fun and great live entertainment. Thank you for inviting Reid to return and perform at next's years (April or May 2023) River City Fest. See you then!

Great News! Reid and his sister Joanna were selected for a great honor.

Each of them received an email that read in part:


You have been selected to receive United Way Emerald Coast’s 2022 Emerging Leaders “40 Under 40” award — presented by Florida Power & Light! Our selection committee believes that you are excelling in the areas of leadership, community involvement, and professional accomplishment. It is obvious that you are making a difference in our community!

As an honoree you will be featured in VIP Destin Magazine and recognized at a celebration Friday, September 16th at 5:00 PM where you will have the opportunity to network with other honorees and some of our community’s most established leaders.

This is exciting news and we hope you share it with your friends and family! 

Reid with 96th Test Wing Vice Commander Colonel Joseph Augustine. Reid had the privilege to sing the National Anthem at the National Disabled Employment Awareness Month Lunch and Learn at Luke's Place, Eglin AFB.  Thank you Program Manager Ms. Tanquer Dyer, and Ms. Diana Brown for inviting Reid.


autismsings1985@yahoo.com   850 217 2317  or  850 865 7439

October 2022



"Imagine the Possibilities,"  Reid's debut CD, is available for sale! 

Check us out on iTunes, CDBaby,Amazon or visit our Merchandise page for track samples and purchasing information. 

New T-Shirts available at the Merchandise Tab.     

T-Shirts read "The Sky is NOT the Limit" on the back, with the Autism Sings elephant on the front, in pink or blue.

Reid performing at the annual Family Cafe at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Orlando, and big Reid fan (all the way in from Melbourne, FL) Doug Akers.

Flyer from the Beauregard Parish Fair announcing Reid's performance. Thank you sponsor Benoit Motors, DeRidder, LA.

Reid at the 41st Cherry Blossom Festival in Conyers, GA. We would like to give a BIG shout outs to Festival Director Jill Miller, entertainment lead Dawn Tanner CEP, and Randy Miller (big fan, pictured with Reid) for their continuing extraordinary support. Thank you Ms. Libra for assistance with the RV parking. Thanks for inviting Reid. Looking forward to 2023. Also a SHOUT out to Mark Joseph of Sound Solutions for always providing the great sounds!

"...he is so versatile with his song selections which makes him perfect for almost any venue, which is unusual to find in a performer." 

Caroline Majure   Dreamcatchers Vocal Performance Studio

Reid sings the National Anthem at the city-wide Wreaths Across America Ceremony at Beal Memorial Cemetery on Dec 18th.  The keynote speaker was Eglin AFB 96th Test Wing Commander BGen. Scott Cain. Also shown in the photo is event organizer, US Army veteran, community patriot, and restauranteur, Tom Rice.

Reid on The Harborwalk main stage in Destin during one of his summer weekly All American Thursdays Performances. Big SHOUT OUTs to Sean for the great sounds and to the rest of the Harborwalk team. 

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Newest  Booking:   Logansport Christmas Festival, Logansport, LA   12:30 PM, Nov 19th, 2022

Reid at work on the River Stage performing at the annual Logansport River City Fest, LA. It's a beautiful location with the main stage constructed above the Sabine River (state boundary separating Texas from Louisiana). SHOUT OUT to Steve from Landry and Company for the great sound systems every year.

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Left: Reid poses with the banner on the main stage of the South Arkansas Historical Preservation Society's Mayhaw Festival poster prior to his stage performance.

Right: Reid and Preservation Society Executive Director and Mayhaw Festival organizer Steve Biernacki after Reid's Performance.

Big SHOUT OUTs to the staff of the Historical Preservation Society staff and volunteers for a putting on a great event. What a great service you provide your community. Thank you to inviting Reid back for 2023.  

Also a SHOUT to Terry Frisch and Tommy Hannah for the great sound system support.  And big thanks to Mr. Byron Winn and Dean Brooks Walthall of the South Arkansas Community College who were instrumental in helping Reid and Steve team up.

Reid as Freddy Mercury doing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody  at the Dreamcatchers Vocal Performance Studio Anything Goes show, Destin FL. Got a Standing O !!!! BIG SHOUT OUTs to Caroline and Stephanie.